Your Snow Removal Guide for the Winter

Snow removal is always at the top of your to-do list after a storm hits, but never the thing you actually want to spend your time doing.

Whether or not you like the snow, it’s simply a hassle to keep your driveway, walkways, and yards clear of ice and built up snow. If you want to learn some tips on how to make your life easier during the cold season, check out the tips below!


Tip #1: Keep an Eye on the Weather

This tip may seem obvious, but how many times have you woken up and been surprised by the amount of snow on your car or driveway? If you aren’t prepared, you could find yourself scraping and defrosting your windshield and already be 15 minutes late for work.

By monitoring the weather and knowing when to expect big storms, you can make sure you allot yourself enough time in the morning to get rid of unwanted snow, and still have time for breakfast, exercise, or whatever else you have on your morning to-do list.

Tip #2 Start Your Engine ASAP

This tip is a lifesaver! Whether or not you’re planning on using your car right away after a big snow storm, you’re going to have to scrape it off eventually. This goes for anyone who parks their car outdoors at home, work, or anywhere else. Save yourself time by turning it on and cranking the heat while you’re shoveling other parts of your home or scraping off the exterior.

The internal heat and defrosters will help melt the snow on the exterior of the car. By the time you’re done, the windshield and windows will be easy to scrape. If you’re heading out, the inside will be nice and warm, and if you aren’t using your car until later, you don’t have to worry about the snow sitting on your car and freezing it.

Tip #3: Take Care of Yourself First, and Your Property Second

This tip is potentially the most important. No matter how much you love your property or how big of a rush you’re in to get your driveway shoveled, your own health and wellbeing should be your biggest concern.

Prepare for snow removal properly by dressing WARM. If you think you have enough layers on, add one more for good measure. You might find yourself tempted to think, “it’ll only take me 20 minutes, this jacket should be warm enough!”. However, not dressing properly can be exhausting. Your body will overwork itself to keep warm, and you’ll be substantially more tired after shoveling than you would be if you just bundled up.

Not only should you dress warm, but you should pause to take breaks as you need to. Don’t be afraid to step inside for a second to take a breather and warm up. This will actually save you more time in the end. If you’re outside and cold for too long, you’ll consequently move slower and take longer to get the job done.

Tip #4: Invest in the Proper Tools

A snow removal tool can be anything from salts, shovels, gloves, boots, or anything you need to be the most effective in the time you spend removing snow. Having the proper equipment can save you hours of labor over time.

Make sure that you upkeep your tools as well. For example, keep your shovel waxed and snow resistant! By putting wax on the shovel, you’ll avoid the shovel getting heavier as snow sticks to it. If the shovel isn’t weighed down by snow, it’ll be much easier to lift and you’ll be able to work faster.

Before you buy a new tool, be sure to do some research on it first. For example, you definitely want to make sure that the salt won’t be damaging to any decking or stone you have around your house. Usually it’s worth it to get the slightly more expensive, but higher quality products. This will save you money in the long run!

This winter, don’t let the snow slow you down! Follow these tips to make snow removal easier. Be sure to contact our snow removal experts with any questions or for professional assistance.

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