Planting a Tree in Five Simple Steps

The best time to plant a tree is today! It is a fairly easy process that most can accomplish on their own.

1. Planting your tree within a few days of purchase is best simply because depending on the time of year, your tree can easily stress and dry out in a container! The quicker it’s in the ground, the happier the tree. 2. Digging the hole as deep as the root ball, but twice as wide prohibits the tree from sinking too low, while promoting root growth width wise. (see number 4 for more info on this) 3. Adding amendments to the soil, such as a slow release fertilizer and root hormone promotes healthy soil and root growth. 4. Burying the trunk of the tree: It is critical to the survival of the tree to ensure the trunk is not buried under soil. To do this, make sure the top of the root ball is level with the surface of the soil/grass. Or even better, leave the root ball 1″ above the surface level, as settling is most likely going to occur to some extent. This is why you only dig the hole as deep as the root ball itself, prohibiting the tree from settling/sinking. 5. Lastly, use mulch/compost to fill in the spaces around the root ball, being careful to keep it away from the trunk of the tree as you don’t want to bury the trunk in any way. Watering the area when finished and adding additional mulch/compost, as the soil will compact when wet.

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