How Smart Irrigation Leads to Saving Money and Helping the Environment

How Smart Irrigation Leads to Saving Money and Helping the Environment


Smart irrigation controllers are the way of the future. In fact, it’s surprising that not everyone is using one already! There are so many reasons that using a smart controller will benefit your Utah home or business, but saving time, money, and helping the environment are definitely some of the most important perks to consider. If you want to learn how smart irrigation will save you time and money in the future, read the sections below! 


What is Smart Irrigation?


Smart irrigation is an irrigation system that can analyze data about the weather, soil moisture, and other conditions of your landscape to create a customized schedule that meets your needs. Traditional irrigation systems will water your property regardless of the weather, leading to overwatering and nutrient leaching. Why water your grass if it’s going to rain later in the day? 

Smart irrigation controllers are pricier than traditional ones, however, they help save water which will end up saving you money on your water bill. Most people feel it’s an investment that pays itself off quickly! 


Weather Adaptability


Traditional irrigation systems are incapable of taking weather into account when watering your property. Rain or shine, your sprinklers will be running according to whatever schedule you put them on. You could check the weather every morning and adjust your irrigation manually, however, this is time-consuming and the weather forecast can change throughout the day.

The best way to account for the weather is through smart irrigation! Smart controllers will monitor the weather to ensure your property isn’t over or under watered. Super dry conditions may warrant increased watering, and the rainy season may mean you only need to water once a week. Smart controllers ensure that your property is getting exactly the amount of water it needs.


Auto Scheduling


Even if you know your property well, you probably don’t know exactly what schedule you should put it on. Most people who try to set their own watering schedule end up overwatering without even realizing it. Smart controllers have an “auto-scheduling” setting that will create a customized schedule for your landscape. They can take into account things like the length of your grass, the shade, soil moisture, time of year, and more!


Improved Landscape Health


Overall, watering your landscape the right amount will improve the health of your landscape. Overwatering can lead to various problems, including soil compaction, nutrient leaching, the death of your favorite plants, hardscape damage, and more. You can avoid these problems by installing a smart irrigation system and putting your landscape on an adjustable schedule. 


Help the Environment


One of the biggest perks of smart irrigation is the impact it has on the environment. Most people water their yard more than they need to, which leads to millions of gallons of wasted water. Water is a precious resource that should not be thrown away! Smart irrigation helps the environment by not using more water than it needs. 

Overwatered areas can also attract pests which can lead to a variety of issues for the surrounding environment. Your landscape has a better chance of remaining pest free if you aren’t wasting water!


Save Money!


Using less water leads to a lower monthly water bill. However, this is only one of the ways that smart irrigation will save you money in the long run. As mentioned before, using a smart controller will improve the overall health of your landscape. Using the right amount of water will lead to healther plants and soil! This will save you hundreds of dollars in the future but cutting down costs of fertilizer, aeration, pesticides, and more. Your smart controller will pay itself off quickly.

If you are interested in installing a smart irrigation system on your property, be sure to reach out to our irrigation specialists!