8 Low Maintenance and Beautiful Shrubs You Need on Your Utah Property

One of the most important parts of creating a low-maintenance landscape is using plants that are naturally adapted to the area you’re living in. If you’re living in Utah, there is a huge variety of plants that are native to the area or are capable of surviving with very little extra care. These types of plants offer color, texture, and beauty just like any other plants. The only difference is, you don’t have to put as much effort into keeping them alive. Read this article to learn about 10 low-maintenance and beautiful shrubs you NEED on your Utah property. 

Artemisia tridentata (Big Sagebrush)

Sagebrush is an amazing plant for so many reasons. The color of it is to die for. It has a muted green and almost blueish hue that will stand out and create variety in your landscape! It is also very drought tolerant and blooms between August and September. Sagebrush’s ideal soil is rocky and it needs almost no additional irrigation. The only management of this plant may be occasional pruning to get rid of dead branches and give it some shape.

Purshia stansburyana (Cliffrose)

Stansbury Cliffrose is also a great option for native, low-maintenance shrubs. Did you know that cliffrose is considered evergreen? It’s very drought-tolerant, and shade-tolerant making it extremely diverse and hardy. This species also thrives in rocky soils and will make a great addition to your landscape! The little white flowers give it character and charm.

Arctostaphylos patula (Greenleaf Manzanita)

While “manzanita” means little apple in Spanish, this species doesn’t actually produce apples. Greenleaf Manzanita has vibrant green leaves and adorable little pink fruits and flowers. It blooms around June and requires very little maintenance! It is well adapted to the Utah region and won’t cause you any stress. It may only need a little extra water every once and a while.

Fallugia paradoxa (Apache Plume)

Apache Plume is a very unique and eyecatching plant. It’s a native flowering shrub that offers white flowers with pink feather-like seed heads. It creates color and texture all without demanding extra care! You have to see it to believe it. If you’re trying to create a natural look, this plant is a great option. It does look slightly wild and unkempt, which can actually make it the perfect space filler or accent plant. 

Salvia dorrii (Door Sage)

If you’re hoping to add some color, you should consider Door Sage. Its pink and purple blooms are eyecatching and vibrant. Not only that, but they require so little care that you’ll forget all about them until you’re outside enjoying their color and fragrance. Door Sage doesn’t get very tall, making it a really good low-to-the-ground option.

Rhus aromatica (Aromatic Sumac)

Aromatic Sumac is a good tall option for your property. This plant gets between 6-12 feet tall. It’s also called “aromatic” for a reason. If you want to add a new sense of smell to your property, this is a great option! The leaves also turn a beautiful reddish-orange color in the fall that you’ll love. It also requires very little care, making it ideal for any landscape.

Rosa woodsii (Woods’ Rose)

The blooming flowers on a Woods’ Rose are incredible! This shrub can be anywhere from 2-5 feet tall and can survive in a variety of soil and sun conditions. This makes them very adaptable and resilient. They do, however, have thorns like most other rose species, so you may want to consider this when deciding on a place for it. You’ll love your pink blooms between May and July!

Ribes aureum  (Golden Currant)

The Golden Currant shrub is “golden” for many reasons. It offers a beautiful fragrance and doesn’t have any thorns. It’s great for creating a short hedge since it grows to about 4-6 feet tall! When it blooms, it has bright yellow flowers and golden berries that attract pollinators. You’ll love having this shrub in your landscape!

Use this article to help you decide on some low-maintenance and beautiful shrubs to add to your landscape. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our landscaping professionals!